NXT BLD / NXT DEV June 24th and 25th London

Inspiring few days at NXT BLD and NXT DEV

NXT BLD / NXT DEV pulls together the various strands of the AEC tech community in the UK and beyond.

This year we were fortunate enough to be both exhibiting and doing a talk - this time about our exploration in 3D AI tools to help automate scene creation with fine control and an eye on quality. ‍

It was super insightful to see some of the talks, including:‍

  • Scott Pritchard of Industrial, Light and Magic talking about using digital twins in pre-production to plan everything out to the last detail.‍

  • John Manoochehri and Patrik Schumacher launched Treasury and the general enthusiasm for all things Metaverse and expanding beyond the traditional role of architecture.‍

  • A punchy panel discussion about licensing and business models in AEC software with Alain Waha and Jens Majdal Kaarsholm who gave some valuable insights from their years purchasing software from the big vendors.‍

  • A deep dive into all things USD and what it means for the industry from Cobus Bothma - great panel after with some very salient points by Shajay Bhooshan from the architect's POV - i.e. let's keep things fun folks!

We didn't see as many of the talks as we would have liked but looking forward to catching up on the stream of André Agi of Spacio and Amar Hanspal ex-Autodesk which had lots of good feedback.

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