Transforming Spaces into Stories: The Innovative Approach of SpaceForm

Through its focus on technology-powered human experiences, SpaceForm is not just predicting the future of architectural and design storytelling; it is actively creating it.

In the ever-evolving realm of design and architecture, the ability to not just show, but truly immerse and engage clients in the story of a building before it physically exists, is transformative. SpaceForm is at the forefront of this, leveraging advanced technology to create human experiences that connect audiences globally – disrupting the way in which buildings are designed and sold.

SpaceForm's mission is ambitious yet straightforward: to make the process of building immersive stories of the future fast and seamless for clients and creators. This focus on simplicity means reducing the number of clicks and interventions needed between plugin and launch, enabling creators to concentrate on the essence of their message rather than the complexity of the technology.

The ethos of SpaceForm lies in delivering clear messages to a wide audience through immersive communication. Whether you are a 3D creator in architecture and design, or a project sponsor such as a developer, brand, investor, or government entity, SpaceForm equips you with the tools to bring your vision to life in the most engaging way possible.

For creators who aim to engage clients in immersive storytelling, SpaceForm offers the ability to rapidly build and publish compelling experiences. These experiences can be shared with anyone, on any platform, ensuring that the story reaches its intended audience without barriers. By streamlining the creation process, SpaceForm empowers creators to focus on crafting engaging narratives that captivate their audience, whether they're showcasing a new building or animated world.

SpaceForm recognises the power of storytelling in sales. By enabling sales teams to tell immersive stories about their projects, SpaceForm helps convince potential customers in new and surprising ways. This approach goes beyond traditional marketing by creating a deep, experiential connection with the project, allowing customers to fully grasp the vision and potential of a new development before it materialises.

For customers, the ability to experience the story of the future before anything physically exists is invaluable. SpaceForm enables customers to connect with a project on a deeper human experiential level, facilitating better-informed decisions. This is especially crucial in commercial, residential, domestic, and institutional contexts, where understanding the essence and potential impact of a space can significantly influence the decision-making process.

SpaceForm's technology caters to a broad spectrum of users:

3D Creators:
Architects and designers can visualise and share their innovative ideas in a more engaging manner.

Project Sponsors: Developers, brands, investors, and government agencies can present their projects compellingly, ensuring their visions are fully appreciated.

Customers: Whether commercial, residential, or institutional, customers can experience and connect with future spaces, making more informed decisions based on immersive experiences.

Through its focus on technology-powered human experiences, SpaceForm is not just predicting the future of architectural and design storytelling; it is actively creating it. By enabling creators, sales teams, and customers to connect and engage with projects in unprecedented ways, SpaceForm is setting a new standard for how we envision and interact with the spaces of tomorrow.

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