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Getting started

SpaceForm is a real-time collaboration and presentation platform that uses metaverse technology to enable anyone in the 3D design, architecture and real estate development industries to create realistic 3D virtual prototypes of the built environment.

SpaceForm is built for anyone in the 3D design, architecture and real estate development industries that want to communicate their projects in the most engaging, immersive format. For guests, the download free, easy-to-view, browser-based 3D meetings means that anyone with a computer can join in. Ideal size on our standard setup is 5 to 10 users but easily extendable up to around 100 users in one session.

We recommend a maximum of 25 people at a time.

Varjo, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Quest 2, Quest Pro

Because it creates a realistic, spatial in-person meeting and collaboration environment in the metaverse that means all participants are active, engaged and experience design together. This experience is 10x more effective than just sharing a screen on a video call.

Yes, of course. You are able to share an invite with any external party for them to log-in on a browser anywhere - no download or specialist hardware needed.

Tech specs

This is possible in our Studio and Enterprise packages where the support of our technical team is available.

We have 4 templates currently. Any additional spaces could be added as part of our Studio or Enterprise licence.

SpaceForm may be being blocked by your firewall. Just unblocking the app on your firewall should work.

This could be done using Recap - once in 3D it would drop in like any FBX to the platform.

Spaceform is based all around multi-user VR, as long as everyone has their own devices/machines

No, you do not need to know Unreal Engine or Twin Motion to use SpaceForm - however a lot of our clients use these to create the initial static scenes. It's then a simple upload into SpaceForm.

Work with a variety of assets ranging from images, videos, audio files to 3D content. Including: FBX, Datasmith, mp4, mp3, ogg, jpg and png.

The simple answer is most of them - upload 3D assets via FBX and Datasmith from Rhino 3D, Revit or Sketchup (plus a bunch of others) . All major 2D video, still and sound files are also supported.

You can upload FBX or Datasmith formats as Eye Level scenes that are a maximum of 250Mb and contain up to 10 objects. Our team is happy to advise you on what works best when converting 3D design to real-time environment.

Guests and participants can setup and join streaming meetings on any platform. The SpaceForm 3D project editor is only available on Windows 10.

Yes, you can. Simply invite your team members to SpaceForm and collaborate together via a streaming meeting link - works a bit like setting up a Zoom or Teams call.

No, you don’t. While we'd always recommend using a VR headset to get the fully immersive and personal experience, you are able to collaborate on desktop or mobile.

We have 4 standard templates that anyone can access, you and your team can also create and save your own. Or speak to the SF Enterprise team about building a custom.

Yes, of course. Work with your own images, video, audio and 3D files to design your project. You are also able to use and edit SpaceForm project templates as well.

Keeping a headset plugged in when the PC goes to sleep, may cause issues the next time SpaceForm launches. We are investigating on the matter, however it seems to be a wider Windows and Oculus concern. To solve it, please unplug the headset and restart the PC - then relaunch your SpaceForm project. For any further concerns, please reach out to us at

SpaceForm will pick up any connected or tethered VR headset to the same PC that's running it. This can be via cable or Wi-Fi. Connect the headset and switch on, then launch your SpaceForm project.

Pricing & support

Simply get in touch with us at or on the form at the bottom of the page.

We have a few licensing packages available customised around your exact requirments. Depending on how you intend to use SpaceForm, we are happy to discuss the most suitable licensing option for you. Get in touch with us below or on

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