Akklum Architecture x SpaceForm

December 6, 2022

Akklum Architecture, based in Spain, seeks to channel spatial aesthetics to enhance the quality of life and experiences of those in the spaces they design – to service humanity and our habitat. They create mental and visual realities that transform lives.

We caught up with Partner and Founder Milena Rojas Hernandez, to find out how her experience using SpaceForm’s Beta has been so far! 

When you first heard about SpaceForm, what about it appealed to you? 

We wanted to insert our designs and 3D models into metaverse.

How have you found the process of working with the software so far?

We’re enjoying exploring the metaverse, and particularly like SpaceForm’s functionality, transformation of models and the accessories available to present in meetings. 

What is the best thing about SpaceForm? 

I love the way you can share your designs and can walk into and through a 3D model in real time.

What does the relationship between digital and physical design look like to you now, and how do you see this changing? 

I think now it’s opening a new era in the connections and relations with our spaces. For me they are two parallel roads, which interconnect sometimes.

What do you think is the role of metaverse tech in the architecture industry? 

It will open our minds to new spatial experiences and concepts. If architects connect and create in this world it could be really successful. 

Is there a need for a more effective way to collaborate in the industry - to co-design and visualise places better together? 

I definitely think we could make things more simple by connecting any 3D model programmes with these platforms to design better concepts, spaces and materials. Simple is best!

The SpaceForm Beta allows teams around the world to meet, collaborate and present using metaverse technology. It will transform the way architecture and real estate projects are communicated to any audience, anywhere. 

Our team is on hand to chat you through the Beta features and improvements - email for a demo.

Image credit: Academic modelling exercise of BCC building, for BIM course. Made 100% by Akklum Architecture.

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