July 31, 2021

What is it?

During the development phases of SpaceForm we talked to over 100 companies, studios and organisations within the built environment. We found that the vast majority of architects had expressed a need to have tools that improve collaboration. 

Remote, design phase collaboration has been a particular challenge for the architecture, engineering and construction industry for a long time, and lockdowns and travel bans made the need more acute. 

While video conferencing has its place, the passive nature of the screen means audiences may not always be fully engaged in the discussion. The presenter and audience format is the opposite of a productive design meeting where ideas are viewed from every angle and all participants can immerse themselves in the spatial qualities of a new scheme and contribute in real-time.

SpaceForm is our answer to this – built by the industry for the industry. 

How does it work?

No matter where you’re physically located, teams can meet together virtually, on site and review design progress.

Users are able to upload 2D and 3D content and models to view collectively – creating a dynamic workspace for your project in minutes. 3D assets can be uploaded directly from Rhino, Revit, Archicad, Navisworks and Sketchup Pro and added to your library to build a project within an immersion room. 

Once published, collaboration is possible through desktop, VR or a streaming web link, with no download necessary. You can add an array of design options onto the table, spin, zoom or explore at 1:1 scale, sketch in 3D and add notes and labels. The process allows for teams of up to 100 people to engage in a whole new way with a project while collaborators, partners and clients can live review or explore in their own time. These immersive, interactive design meetings are built for the industry and beyond and provide a more  engaging way to invite larger teams together online – we believe it’s the future of work collaboration. 

Other features include:


  • Choose project room template
  • Import 2D and 3D assets from your desktop
  • Move project room layout


  • Dynamic sun
  • 3D sketching
  • Laser pointer
  • High resolution camera
  • Zoom camera
  • Explore models on the table or at 1:1 scale
  • Measure tool
  • Permanent labels
  • Notes that are associated with users and downloadable


  • Unlimited screens to draw
  • Freehand, snap or grid
  • Add images to screens

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