Immersive Storytelling

August 19, 2021

For many years, Squint/Opera has been successfully developing ways to use immersive presentations to tell stories about spaces. By developing approaches, techniques and technologies we can communicate complex ideas to partners and clients. 

Over the last 18 months we’ve repeatedly seen an opportunity to bring this varied learning into a single, easy to use platform – SpaceForm. 

After a prolonged period of Zoom and PowerPoint meetings, partners and clients are trying to find new, more captivating ways to communicate complex ideas about spaces and places. 

SpaceForm builds immersive, interactive presentations for the industry, allowing anyone to engage an audience with their ideas, no matter where they are located. 

We have built a platform that enables audiences to engage with 3D spaces around the world. Today, this is being used throughout the AEC project cycle – from early phase design, detailed sign-off, public engagement and sales presentations. SpaceForm enables teams to tell stories about spaces. Dynamic, immersive and interactive presentations for your project, that are built for the industry, can be created in just a few steps –providing a new and engaging way to interact with remote audiences. 

SpaceForm allows you to upload 2D, 3D and sound assets to your library. Dynamic presentations can be easily built, with multiple slides on the table and spin, zoom or explore at 1:1 scale, as well as the ability to add new content and sounds to each slide. 

Immersive presentations can be delivered to collaborators, partners and clients anywhere, on desktop, VR or streaming web link, with no download required. There is the ability to present these live or leave a room online for invited team members to explore in their own time.

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