Public Consultation

May 29, 2023

Thanks to recent advancements in Metaverse technology, we are now able to drastically improve the way we gather input and feedback from communities during the design process with SpaceForm. 

In the past, public consultations have been a cumbersome process. They can involve long, in-person meetings, which can be difficult to attend for those with busy lives or mobility issues, often leading to a lack of diverse voices and opinions being heard, resulting in designs that don't fully meet the needs of the community.

SpaceForm are changing the consolation process by overcoming these obstacles and creating a more inclusive and efficient process. By creating immersive virtual environments, we can bring together stakeholders in a way that is accessible and convenient for everyone.

SpaceForm’s platform - available for streaming on any device - will allow those involved in a public consultation to explore a 3D virtual model of a proposed building or space, and provide feedback in real-time with other participants. Communities will be able to experience the building design and public realm in a realistic virtual environment, with the ability to walk around, interact with elements, and see how the space will function in real life. 

With virtual environments, we can gather input and feedback from a large number of stakeholders simultaneously. This level of interaction allows for a more efficient consultation process, resulting in project completing faster and with fewer revisions.

SpaceForm’s platform has the potential to transform public consultations in architecture, creating a more inclusive, efficient, and engaging process for all involved. So, whether you're a designer, a community member, or a decision-maker, let's embrace this exciting new technology and work together to create better places and spaces for everyone.

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