SpaceForm Beta launch

October 6, 2022

We are excited to announce that the new and improved SpaceForm Beta has launched! Expect to see many new features and improvements available to you now.

Meet, collaborate and present using metaverse technology, transforming the way your architecture and real estate projects are communicated to any audience, anywhere.

SpaceForm Beta features include:

  • Improved fidelity and flexibility with Unreal 5
  • Geo-location for sun tagging
  • Curated sound playback options
  • User lead end-to-end projects
  • On-demand streaming meetings
  • Accelerated project startup time
  • Multiple image types and templates
  • Choose from a range of architectural model scales on the table
  • Improved VR experience

If you're interested in taking a step into the metaverse for the built environment, sign up here today for a free demo and trial.


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