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Transforming architectural narratives into 3D walkthroughs in minutes.
We use SpaceForm to showcase to clients and consultants around the world our future projects at real world scale.
Silvia Rueda
Thomas Heatherwick Studio

Future Twins for design & architecture

Accessible 3D tools for all

Build in Rhino, SketchUp and Revit

Export directly in minutes

USD plugins and exporters

Immersive 3D stories

Stand multiple users in your future twin on any platform

Connect teams,

engage clients and supercharge design.

01. Fast

Convert your projects from Revit and Rhino to an Immersive Future Twin in minutes.

02. Social

Welcome stakeholders on-site and review progress years before completion.

03. Effective

Faster design reviews backed by future twin walkthroughs.

Share ideas and make faster decisions together.

Direct export into Spaceform
Our new plugin enables direct export from Rhino, Revit and SketchUp into Spaceform. This means you can walk your clients through your fully optimised design, in real-time, within minutes.
Send to anyone, anywhere
When a file is exported from CAD, the optimised version is automatically converted to a multi-user 3D streaming project. This can be experienced by anyone with a PC or laptop, no specialist equipment needed.
Tour together in 3D
Whether you’re on-site or remote, walk through designs on desktop or in virtual reality. Collaborative 3D design reviews increase customer engagement, understanding, and fast-track decisions.
Unlimited AI-enhances CGIs
Produce dynamic imagery from early design ideas by playing with lighting, shadows, and subtle materials to create new moods and stories - all whilst staying true to the core design principles.

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