Meeting clients

in the future

The multi-user virtual destination for innovative real estate.

Immerse clients in future spaces

Tell the stories of future spaces through dynamic 3D rendering and walkthroughs, encouraging clients to interact with and emotionally invest in their potential, years before completion.

Build a Virtual Twin

We collaborate with your design teams by transforming the latest 3D assets into an immersive and interactive 3D space.

Bring everyone together

Virtually meet customers on-site, review progress and update teams or use as an immersive sales platform.

Generate marketing assets

Harness the latest AI-enhancements to create brochure-ready CGI imagery directly from your Future Twin.

Embrace innovation

Stay ahead of competitors and secure future investment by integrating story-led technology into your user journeys.

Elevating future realities

with Future Twins

Hosted on your website
Gain 24/7 access to your 3D digital tours by hosting on your website. A perfect way for new customers to immerse themselves in your projects, years before completion.
Virtual Showroom
Engage prospects in your story by removing the physical divide between story and space. Explore the location, key benefits, and design principles, inviting clients to experience and play in your design’s potential.
Connect to any audience
Invite anyone, anywhere, into your virtual walkthrough in 8k. Our technology streams to any PC and VR set-up. Collaborating on projects just got a lot easier.
unlimited Ai-enhanced CGIs
Produce dynamic CGIs from early design ideas. Explore lighting, shadows, subtle material changes and creating new moods with our accessible tools.

Case Studies

SpaceForm has allowed us to show the final finished product years before actual completion of the project both in person and remotely online.
Fred Scarlett
MD Altius Real Estate

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