Virtual Twin experiences

to get inside your project

Don't just visualise experience projects together

Develop strategy

Customised for: design collaboration, showcases to stakeholders and investors and marketing / sales

Build a Virtual Twin

We collaborate with your design teams for the latest 3D assets, convert into a virtual twin, add any bespoke features

Bring everyone together

Meet virtually with customers on-site review progress, update the team or use as an immersive sales platform

Generate marketing assets

Using the latest AI-enhancements to create brochure-ready CGI imagery directly from the virtual twin

Virtual Twin platform

for property teams

Meet on-site, years before completion. Engage design teams, investors and clients. Supercharge sales and marketing campaigns with up to 50% faster results.

01. Engaging

Engage audiences remotely with virtual twins. Save time, money and the planet.

02. Social

Meet investors and clients on-site, years before completion and make an impression far beyond the brochure.

03. Effective

Convert customers 50% faster with immersive digital twins and generate personalised marketing material.
Engage your customers and convert them faster
Hosted on your website
Streaming 3D digital tours hosted on your website is the perfect way to engage audiences 24/7. Learn from their behaviour, build customer profiles and generate personalised marketing campaigns.
Virtual Showroom
Engage prospects with the story around your next project. Explore the location, key benefits and design principles on a virtual table model, then dive into an immersive eye-level tour.
Connect to any audience
SpacForm runs on-site at 8K, streams to any PC or runs in VR. Solo or multi user modes. Whatever the audience and wherever they are located, the platform will engage them in your project.
unlimited Ai-enhanced CGIs
Produce incredible CGI's from early design ideas, enhancing the 3D spaces with better lighting, shadows, subtle materials and creating new moods. Engaging your prospects with personal content.

Case Studies

A selection of marketing lead projects that show different sides of the platform for future prospect engagement, collaborative sales and immersive site tours
SpaceForm has allowed us to show the final finished product years before actual completion of the project both in person and remotely online.
Fred Scarlett
MD Altius Real Estate