3D platform to align teams

on design & construction

Don't just visualise experience projects together

Develop strategy

Customised for all phases of the project from early design concept to detailed reviews with all stakeholders

Build Virtual Twin

Collaborate with design teams for the latest 3D assets, convert into a virtual twin, add any bespoke features

Virtual meetings in 3D

Meet with stakeholders on-site and review progress, cutting down up to 80% of travel during construction

Save up to 15% on variations

Review everything digitally first before making expensive and time consuming mistakes during construction

Meet virtually on-site

years before completion

Connect and collaborate with architects, developers, builders and designers in SpaceForm first. Avoid costly mistakes.

01. Visual

Tour your site in the highest quality 3D, review designs, options and make better informed decisions.

02. Collaborative

Meet your team on-site, years before completion and work out the best options together.

03. Effective

Direct from design files, SpaceForm can be up online in under an hour for rapid decision making.
Meet with the team review virtually in 3D and cut out the costly variations
Hosted in the cloud
Streaming 3D digital tours hosted online, the perfect way to engage with your team with no specialist equipment needed.
Virtual Team Reviews
Explore the site virtually with design, construction and delivery teams to ensure everyone is aligned and reduce the chances of costly mistakes.
Bring everyone together
SpaceForm runs in a browser, on PC and in VR and will bring design, client and trades together and on the same page before a brick is laid.
Generate Ai-CGIs for inspiration
Produce incredible CGI's from early design ideas, enhancing the 3D spaces lighting, shadows, materials and creating new moods.

Case Studies

Private client projects that show another side of the platform for 3D project reviews with anyone, anywhere.
We use SpaceForm to showcase to clients and consultants around the world our future projects at real world scale.
Silvia Rueda
Thomas Heatherwick Studio